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The novel “Lord of the Flies” written by William Golding in 1954, is about a group of British school-boys who is caught on a deserted, tropical island because their plane is shot down over the Pacific, after having been rescued from the current war.
One of the main characters, Ralph, a handsome and rational thinking boy of twelve, tries to supervise the group, for the pilot of the plane seems to be dead. Together with Piggy, the asthmatic and obese outsider of the group, he holds meetings to set up rules so that the upcoming tasks can be done in order. They establish the use of a conch which ensures its owner the right to be the only one who talks at the moment.
The plot changes when another boy, Jack, the leader of a small choir, interferes in Ralph’s organizations. Jack seems to be very threatening while he lets his choir march in the glaring sun without giving them any rest. His aggressiveness is also shown during the meetings, when he tries to manipulate Ralph’s leadership because Jack is longing for all the power and attention of the boys. He never agrees with Ralph and always tries to offer other solutions.
One of the smallest boys frightfully declares that he is afraid of a snakelike beast that is creeping around, somewhere in the jungle. Although the others cannot agree, the fear of such a beast grows to a paranoid belief. As a result, the children, especially Jack, arrange to explore the island and to kill the beast, except for Ralph, Piggy and Simon who are busy with finding out how to escape the island.
Jack becomes more and more obsessed with the desire to kill. He invents games and songs that demonstrate the killing of such a beast. Together with the choir-boys, Jack hunts a sow and slaughters it. He puts the head onto a stake as an offering for the beast.
Alone in the woods, Simon discovers the head which is surrounded by many flies, hence the name of the novel derives from, and hallucinates it talking to him. He finally loses consciousness.
In the meantime, a great storm builds over the island. Ralph and Piggy join one of the pig-killing dance. The climax of the story is arrived, when Simon is about to tell the others that the beast which is expected to be in the jungle, in reality is a dead parachutist. But the boys are so frantic about the dance that they lose their senses and believe Simon to be the beast. They attack and finally kill him.
In the next days, the struggle between Jack and Ralph about the leadership breaks out. It follows that Ralph hides in the jungle because he is afraid that Jack will kill him, too, after he has already forced Piggy to fall off the cliff and die.
The story ends when Ralph stumbles onto the beach and surprisingly sees a man in uniform. The officer is disappointed at how the boys’ adventure has ended.
Ralph and the others are saved.
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